Miscellaneous Information:

«Building on the original base of the 30-year-old Banff Mountain Film Festival, the Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre today encompasses literature, film, environmental and social issues, visual arts, mountaineering, and scientific interchange among researchers and practitioners. Mountain Culture at The Banff Centre is known worldwide for its varied and distinguished mountain programmes. Bernadette McDonald and Leslie Taylor have, as a team, given dynamic and effective leadership for this outstanding mountain institution. The Banff Centre is situated in Canada’s first National Park, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mountain Culture at the Banff Centre, through its blending of the arts and sciences to focus on mountain communities, mountaineering and natural environment is an institution that is unique in the world.

Bernadette McDonald (left) is Vice-President Mountain Culture, and since 1988, has been Director of the Mountain Film Festival, and is founding Director of the Mountain Book Festival. She serves as juror for film festivals around the world. She is a mountaineer and writer; her book «I’ll Call You in Kathmandu», 2005, is dedicated to Elisabeth Hawley, a former winner of the King Albert Mountain Award.

Leslie Taylor (right), after working in various national parks, finished her park career as acting Superintendent of Banff National Park. She was elected in 1989 as Mayor of the newly-incorporated Town of Banff, and served two terms before joining The Banff Centre. She is Associate Director of Mountain Culture, for Mountain Environment, and is Editor of Mountain Culture’s proceeding series.»

Albert Mountain Award 2006