Miscellaneous Information:

«Albert Precht, born 1947 in Bischofshofen, Austria, was a guard of the Austrian railways and a mountain guide. He is a lifelong mountaineer with over one thousand first ascents of bold climbing routes. Albert Precht is a leading pioneer and representative of free climbing in the cleanest style. His first ascents and solo climbs include rock faces of up to 1200 metres, always established from below with minimal use of pitons and removable protection. He thus left the mountain environment as clean as possible.

His routes in the Alps, Norway, Corsica, Crete, Jordan and Oman have established his place in the history of mountaineering. Precht is the author of guide books and numerous articles in alpine journals, newspapers and books. He has written the autobiography «Tausendundein Weg» (2003).»

Albert Mountain Award 2010


Albert Precht died on 8 May 2015, after a climbing accident on Crete, Greece.