Miscellaneous Information:

«Prof. Dr. Peter Rieder, born 1940 in Vals, Grisons, Switzerland, is Professor of Agronomy and was formerly Director of the Centre for International Agronomy at ETH, Zurich. He remained throughout his national and international career – as son of the mountains – deeply committed to the mountain population, its agricultural system and economic survival, in a rapidly changing world. Peter Rieder initiated and implemented in the last years two challenging projects in the Alps: PRIMALP, dedicated to sustainable primary alpine production, and MOVING ALPS, which analysed the economic and social problems of isolated mountain valleys and their potential for further development.

His studies on the mountain population, agriculture and landscapes are highly respected in the scientific community and his insight into the daily life of mountain farmers made him the best known advocate of a future-oriented mountain policy.»

Albert Mountain Award 2004