Miscellaneous Information:

«Michel Guérin, born in 1952 in Roanne, France, founded the publishing house «Editions Guérin» in 1995, specialising in classic and modern mountain literature. The first book – an illustrated edition of the classic «Les conquérants de l’inutile» by Lionel Terray – became a success. Over 50 titles have since been added, all part of an enthusiastic and outstanding effort made on behalf of alpine literature. Michel Guérin’s objective is to preserve classic mountain literature, and publish new and foreign-language authors.

After a career as a teacher, bookstore manager and advertiser, he returned to his passion, bringing important and beautiful books to interested readers in three different series: Texte et Images (great authors and volumes), Terra Nova (new expeditions and findings), and La Petite Collection (high-quality reading). All are easily recognised by their colour – the red of the socks worn by mountain climbers during Michel Guérin’s youth.»

Albert Mountain Award 2004


Michel Guérin died by a heart attack in Chamonix on 24 October 2007, his 55th birthday.