Miscellaneous Information:

«Hans Weiss, born in Küsnacht, Switzerland, in 1940, landscape conservationist, scientist, publicist, lecturer and teacher, has contributed decisively in preventing Swiss alpine landscapes from being destroyed, in the preservation of cultivated land and in arousing lasting public awareness of nature’s values and mountain’s ecosystems. Hans Weiss’s numerous articles in the Swiss media and in particular his two books «The Peaceful Destruction of Swiss Landscape and Attempts at Reversal» and «Indivisible Landscape: Enhanced Ecological Awareness» have been instrumental in incorporating new guidelines into existing laws.

His successful efforts to introduce basic training in ecological issues at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and his cooperation in establishing a fund for the preservation of cultivated land are invaluable contributions without which the Swiss landscape, in particular the Alpine scenery, would present a different picture.»

Albert Mountain Award 2002