Miscellaneous Information:

«Since 1982, in the course of 109 documentary programmes, the ORF Team «Land der Berge», under the leadership of Lutz Maurer, has provided a large and appreciative television audience with the opportunity to obtain a close acquaintance with a wide range of themes centred around the world’s mountains. The subjects have covered alpine, social, cultural, and scientific issues, expressed in a creative style through the medium of colour photography and film. Skirting a narrow boundary between romanticism and glorification of the pioneers, «Land der Berge» has presented a faithful illustration of its subject strictly observing its established guidelines of ethical and objective reporting.

The series, characterized by its high standard of quality, is unique in the world by its exceptionally comprehensive coverage, and by the open-minded nature of its productions. They are the result of the personal devotion and commitment of their producers who continually had to face dangers and hardship in order to obtain their material.»

The picture shows, from left to right: Dominique Grünner, Fulvio Mariani, Lutz Maurer, Manfred Gabrielli.

Albert Mountain Award 1998