Miscellaneous Information:

«Pit Schubert, born in Breslau in 1935, mountaineer, aircraft engineer by profession and safety expert of the German Alpine Association since 1968, is a world leader in accident prevention in mountaineering. By analyzing and researching causes of accidents and exhaustive testing of technical material, he succeeded in establishing DIN, ÖNORM, CEN and UIAA standards for mountaineering equipment. His safety recommendations have been instrumental in preventing innumerable accidents. The outcome of twenty-five years of research and experience was the publication in German and Spanish, in 1994, of his comprehensive book «Safety and Risks on Rock and Ice».

Pit Schubert displays an impressive record of difficult climbs in the Alps, with all classic North faces, as well as in Tibet, Nepal and India. He has participated, twice as leader, in four expeditions to the Himalaya, including the South face of Annapurna IV.»

Albert Mountain Award 1996