Miscellaneous Information:

«Ursula Bauer, born 1947 in Solothurn, media documentarian and author, and Jürg Frischknecht, born 1947 in Herisau, journalist and lecturer, are both passionate writers and hikers.

Bauer and Frischknecht have been a couple for decades and since 1995 they have created a new type of literary tour book, which describes the people in their cultural and natural environment, offers hikers lasting knowledge and enjoyment en route and stimulates a fascination for known and unknown Swiss and Italian Alps. Whoever takes along these well-illustrated books sees more, enjoys more and supports the local economy more. «Grenzschlängeln» (Hiking along the border from the river Inn to the lake of Geneva), «Antipasti und alte Wege – Valle Maira» (Antipasti and old trails – Valle Maira), and «Grenzland Bergell» are some examples. The publications of Bauer & Frischknecht advocate modern development in harmony with traditional values and solidarity between urban and mountain people.»

Albert Mountain Award 2006


Jürg Frischknecht died on 18 July 2016 in Zurich.