Miscellaneous Information:

«Founded in 1998 by the publisher Jacques Glénat in collaboration with the Musée dauphinois in Grenoble, the quarterly magazine L’Alpe examines and reflects upon a wide variety of issues relevant to the entire Alpine region. Its focus is on the cultures and heritages of Alpine Europe: its past, present and future. Each of the 90 large-format issues that has been published so far, up to 96 pages long, is dedicated to the comprehensive exploration of a single theme.

L’Alpe is the first and only cultural journal to thoroughly, strikingly, profoundly and subtly cover captivating and unexpected topics, both great and small, that bear on the Alps. It features intelligent and readable texts, superb illustrations – often published for the first time – detailed explanatory keys, extensive appendices, and suggestions for further reading. When L’Alpe takes on a topic, its coverage sets a milestone in the field – and simultaneously provokes heated debate.

In addition to profoundly exploring a particular region, each issue tells remarkable stories, curates the photographic heritage of the Alpine world through featured portfolios, and reports extensively on topics of current interest from Nice to Vienna: Events, meetings, exhibitions and literature.»

Albert Mountain Award 2020