Miscellaneous Information:

«Mark Carey was born in 1969 in Rochester, New York. His lifelong devotion to the mountains started as a park ranger at Mount Rainier and Glacier National Parks. Following studies in History, especially Latin American and Environmental History, he became full Professor at the University of Oregon, where he runs the Glacier Lab for the Study of Ice and Society.

Through systematic innovative, integrative and interdisciplinary scientific work on climate change, society and environments in high-mountain regions, Mark Carey gave, and continues to give, fundamentally important impulses concerning research on complex socio-economic and cultural aspects related to impacts from global warming on icy peaks.

His comprehensive research emphasizes historical aspects of environmental issues, natural resource extraction and indigenous knowledge, including novel approaches such as hydro-social modelling. This provides essential contributions to policy-oriented planning towards sustainable adaptation for people living with glaciers. His award-winning book, «In the Shadow of Melting Glaciers: Climate Change and Andean Society», has become a milestone and classic in this field.»

Albert Mountain Award 2018