Miscellaneous Information:

«The Slovenian Alpine Museum has existed as an idea since the founding of the Slovenian Alpine Club in 1893. A first permanent collection was only established, however, in 1984. The newly constructed Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana, at the entrance to the Triglav National Park, builds on this collection.

Ever since its founding the Slovenian Alpine Museum has succeeded in sustainably fostering and conveying the identity-forging significance of mountains and mountaineering in Slovenia. The museum plays a pre-eminent role as the national archive of Slovenian alpinism and is an important regional cultural event organizer and promoter of tourism.

The King Albert I Memorial Foundation recognizes in the continuous engagement of the Slovenski planinski muzej with the Triglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia, a unique cultural contribution to the entire Alpine region. It sees in the museum an important partner in an emerging, increasingly dense network of European mountain museums.»

Albert Mountain Award 2016