Miscellaneous Information:

«Nives Meroi, born in Bonate Sotto near Bergamo in 1961, and Romano Benet, born in Tarvisio in 1962, met when they were nineteen. Since then they have been climbing together at the highest level in rock, ice, and mixed terrain. They have become known around the world for their micro-expeditions to 8000-meter peaks.

Nives Meroi and Romano Benet have always climbed together on their important ascents. Their unconditional mutual loyalty epitomizes the concept of a roped team, demonstrating the power of solidarity, trust, and intimacy.

They move quickly and noiselessly on the highest mountains of the world, eschewing the use of supplementary oxygen and high-altitude porters, practicing a pure alpine style even in unfamiliar terrain. In their free time, and without relying significantly on sponsors, they have thus far climbed thirteen 8000-meter peaks.»

Albert Mountain Award 2016